The Hotel

Chivani Pattaya offering four unique types of villas inspired from the might of iconic mythological Greek heroes Nike, Hestia, Hermes, and Zeus. The modern Tuscan-style masterpiece reserves the ambience of traditional Italian touch with a balance between structural sturdiness, delicate design, and functionality. The structure is elegant yet sturdy perfect for Pattaya’s humid climate and ocean-side natural corrosion.


Wine & Dine

Indulge yourself in some of the most delicious dishes ranging from authentic Thai to International cuisine that will satisfy your food crave for an entire day 


Facilities & Service

If you are planing a small party around a destination of Pattaya or you 're looking to get out of town for a great time, Chivani Pattaya is the perfect place to throw a party for your friend



At all villas, a professional and friendly staff team, including a talented chef, caters to every holiday need, while Chivani Villa ’s gorgeous Pattaya location and modern facilities offer a superlative venue for a private party.